Bulk Carriers Services Is Your Winning Choice For All Your Chemical Transportation Needs.

We provide the highest level of service to our customers as their Transportation Specialist. Every employee will provide our customers with efficient and prompt solutions to their transportation needs while maintaining the highest standard of safety. We will dedicate all our resources to solve our customer's logistical requirements at competitive rate structures.

the leader


Dedication, service, and commitment. Our long term goal is to provide the very best in transportation brokerage services and to truly be your "Transportation Specialists."


Safety, experience, and reliability. Our current drivers have over 296 years of collective driving experience and have driven over 30 million safe miles. 

wide area transport

We got you covered. Our private fleet specializes in Bulk Liquid Chemical Transportation servicing the entire continental United States and the Canadian Providences.

Hazardous materials

We can meet any need. We provide transportation services for all commodities including Bulk Liquid (chemical and food grade), Dry Chemical, Flat Bed, Refrigerated, Dry Box, and Heavy Haul.

a complete solution

Bulk Carriers handles a wider variety of liquid and dry chemicals for transportation. We are a "one stop" shop for all your transportation needs. Call us today! Currently we are celebrating almost 20 years in business. We are proud of the fact that we have met our initial goals and mission.

Our changes to our business model have been a success for both us and our customers. The employees of BCS continue to work to improve our performance for our customers. We are dedicated to give each customer personalized, professional service.